We do have some limitations.  Songs may not sound the same on vinyl as they do on CD or MP3.  We will always review the sound quality with you before we start cutting your records.

Please read our [privacy policy]


By engaging our services, the customer agrees to the terms of our privacy policy.


We cannot reproduce any materials that will be in violation of laws or treaties relating to intellectual property rights. If we understand any request to be in violation of such rights, we will be obligated to refuse our services.

If we are unaware that material we reproduce is in violation of intellectual property laws or treaties, we will not bear any legal consequences, which ought to fall on the party who requested such a violation without our knowledge.



We will not divulge any personal information or information relating to the intellectual property of our customers unless required to do so by law. For the purpose of publicity or any other reason, the customer may waive any of these privacy rights at their specific request.



We are not liable for damages to material entrusted to us beyond the amount you paid us.
If we are obliged to pay a customer for any reason, the customer’s request must be made within one year.
If the record is not to the customer’s satisfaction, it can be returned at the customer’s cost for a full refund.

Note: This privacy policy was not translated by a legal professional. Please consult the Japanese version if you have any serious concerns.